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Get Easy Fixes For TP-Link Wireless Router Not Working Problem

Wireless routers have a huge global market outreached with a pool of target audience using the TP-Link routers. However, along with the massive utilization of this useful device, there also exists some unavoidable TP-link wireless router, not working problems.

Are you also facing similar kind of hassles with your router and USB cable;? Then it is time to get rid of them all.

TP-link wireless router not working


Possible Symptoms Of TP-link Wireless Router Not Working

  • The system fails to recognize the router
  • Wireless device does not show up on the computer screen
  • A problem in turning on the light

Common indications suggest a possible dying down of your wireless device. To check if the trouble is with your device, try to attach it to some other computer or laptop and see if it works fine.

Check if the problem is exclusive to one device then try to uninstall the adapter software and then reinstall it. Some additional tips would be:

  • Restore the system
  • Update windows
  • Connect the router to other USB ports

TP-link wireless router errors

TP-link Wireless Router Not Working Resolutions

At first, try to locate the error whether your router device is being able to recognize the router.

If your computer does not have a wireless card and it also fails to identify the attached card then maybe the problem lies with a windows update.

The trouble generally arises when you try to connect your router to the internet and it asks for an update. After you complete the update process, it will demand you to plug in an ethernet cable even if you have already attached it to your device.

A technical error in hardware or driver can also contribute to this trouble as well. In that case, you can try to uninstall the driver support completely out from your router device. To do this process, simply open the windows device manager network card and remove it from the network.

After completely uninstalling it, go to the website of the manufacturer and download the updated version to reinstall into your system. You can also try the rebooting step for your computer as it will help to locate any internal technical glitch occurred within your system.


TP-link wireless router not working

Check for any warning signals in the form of exclamation marks in yellow. If there are none then run USB device by accessing it from the admin account.

Detach it from the port and plug it back to see if windows can identify it. Also, reboot your system to troubleshoot the internal technical errors within the system.

Do you have any more queries regarding TP-link router not working error? Then bring it to notice. For any kind of further assistance regarding your TP-link wireless router, not working problem, feel free to contact our TP-Link Router Support at +1-855-621-0105

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