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How To Solve D-link Router Red Light Problem | Get In Touch With Us

A red light on router usually indicated a loose connection with internet service provider for your account. The issue also arises when your Dlink router is unable to authenticate the basic credentials like the username and password for the user account.  However, the D-link router red light problem is common but you can also get rid of it in an instant.

D-link router red light problem


Blink Blink Blink

Your Dlink router is stuck in the malfunctioning zone and continuously showing the blinking red light. Putting this simply, the situation in which your internet light is red on the router, means your internet settings is completely messed up.

Do a Full cycle

A complete cycle on your router will probably prove to be a genuine solution to combat the error. Try out the following steps-

Turn offD-link router red light error

Start with switching off the router and then turn off your modem

D-link router red light problemStandby

Keep it in the standby mode for a minute or so

D-link router red light error


Switch on your modem and put it on rebooting for around 30 seconds

D-link router red light problem

Power on

Lastly, switch on the router and see if it is working properly.

Do not forget to check for the firmware version you have installed on your router as it also plays an important role in securing a seamless network connection settings. If the error is related to your firmware update then test for the connection. You can also try out the ultimate solution that is

Default factory settings

For this process, you need to follow some simple steps as below-

  • Switch on the router
  • Press the reset button and keep it on hold for around 30 seconds
  • Setup the modem and it will take you to the login page
  • Enter a validated username and password
  • Start browsing

D-link router red light problem


D-link Router Red Light Problem – Some More Fixes

Try to get the access to modem login page and then rest it to default factory settings. You can also try to contact your ISP as the error is majorly caused by a technical glitch with your service provider.

They will help you with providing the correct account details. You have to enter those into your modem configuration page and this will solve the D-link router red light problem easily.

Another simple way out is to run the smart wizard and reboot it. If you have already done the first step then you need to re-configure it by using various cable connections. Check for the DSL settings and keep your router plugged into the power connection.

D-link router red light problem is a very common error that almost all the router user faces while installation of the device. If you are also one of them then give the above steps a try and see which one works out the best for you.

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